Western Massachusetts Correctional Addiction Center (WMCA)

The Western Massachusetts Correctional Addiction Center (known as “Howard Street”), a component of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, is a minimum security, community based, residential treatment facility. This co-ed regional facility is currently located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and is designed to provide for the custody, care and treatment of addicted offenders from Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, Hampshire and Worcester counties.

The philosophy of the Center staff incorporates an integrated model of education, treatment and recovery to address addiction. We subscribe to the disease concept, with abstinence as an avenue to recovery. The program combines confinement with substance abuse treatment to help addicted offenders develop the discipline they need to live a chemically free, productive, and law abiding lifestyle. The intensity of the program is demanding. One among many of the recovery opportunities we offer is the Escort Program. This program allows residents to attend community AA or NA meetings with a fellowship member (i.e. “Escort”). We believe that an active participation in a community-based fellowship is the bridge between treatment, recovery, and successful reintegration.