Island County, WA Overview: Sheriff, Government, Jail Roste

Island County is arranged in Island County, WA. As its name proposes, it is comprised of a few islands. The two most prominent are Whidbey and Camano. Island County is the second littlest county in Washington via landmass, only bigger than adjoining San Juan County. Island County, Washington, is limited toward the north by Misdirection Pass and Puget Sound toward the south. Skagit Straight and Saratoga Section got situated toward the east, and Office of the chief naval officer Channel and the Waterway of Juan de Fuca are west of Island County. Skagit and Snohomish Districts lie toward the east of Island County, and the Olympic Landmass lies across the water toward the west.
Island County is one of 6 provinces remembered for the Seattle-Tacoma United Metropolitan Zone.
The neighborhood, the biggest boss is the U.S. Maritime Air Station in Oak Harbor. Oak Harbor is the county’s biggest city, with a common populace of 22,910 every 2020.

Island County Planning Department

The Island County Planning Division works with residents and local area pioneers to fabricate an agreement on how the City government ought to develop, both in the short and long haul. This gets cultivated by coordinating an assortment of land planning capacities that range from making a 20-year vision for Island County’s fate to inspecting all new improvement propositions to guarantee they mirror this vision. The Island County Planning Office has included five divisions – Authoritative, People group Advancement, Extensive Planning, Current Planning and Planning The board Backing.
The Island County Regulatory Division exhorts the City Supervisor, Planning Commission, and City Chamber on all planning-related island county jobs. It builds up the Office’s strategies, working techniques, and financial plan.
The Island County People group Advancement Division arranges local area improvement activities and reasonable lodging programs, including Local area Planning and Advancement (CPD) Program, for example, Local area Advancement Square Awards (CDBG), HOME Association Speculation Program (HOME) Qualification Assets, the Local Adjustment Program, and the Lodging Trust Asset.
The Island County Exhaustive Planning Division gives vision and direction to the long reach advancement of the City. This Division creates and keeps up the City’s Thorough Arrangement, conducts exceptional investigations, oversees the City’s Open Space and Farming Conservation Program, and screens populace and lodging development. This Division gives staff backing to the Planning Commission on long-range planning contemplates, the South Norfolk Building Audit Board, the Memorable Safeguarding Commission, and the Bike and Trails Commission.
The Current Planning Division organizes the City’s territory planning improvement audit exercises. This division surveys all rezonings, contingent use grants, starter developments, and site plans. This Division gives staff backing to the City Chamber and Planning Commission in regards to improvement applications.
The Island County Planning The executives Backing Division helps the Complete and Current Planning Divisions with any information or guides required. Just as the task of road names and building addresses, GIS planning, advancement following, site content, public correspondence of data, drafting map refreshes, records the executives, and any unique information demands from the City Supervisor’s office or the Sheets and Commissions staff.


The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month in the Island County Officials Hearing Room in Coupeville at 2:00 p.m. Roughly ten days before the gathering; a plan will get posted except if there isn’t anything forthcoming upon its schedule.

Island County Health Department

The Island County Health Department meets month to month to think about approaches to improve Island County inhabitant’s and guests’ health and well-being and address issues introduced by Island County General Health staff and point presentations.
Leading body of Health meetings are open public gatherings, and participation and interest are welcome. To affirm before the Board on plan things, you are welcome to venture forward when the Seat requests remarks on that particular thing. Talk obviously into the receiver, incorporate your name and address, and cutoff your comments to two minutes. For non-plan things of a health-related nature, a “public remark” time is put aside explicitly for this reason. Talk unmistakably, incorporate your name and address, and breaking point your remarks to two minutes.

Environmental Health

Ecological Health is the part of General Health that is worried about all aspects of the average and fabricated climate that may influence human health. Standard Assets is the part of General Health worried about ensuring the indigenous habitat serves human health and the environment. The objective of Natural Health is to secure and advance general health.

Family & Community Health

Local area and Family Health is the part of General Health focused on keeping our networks healthy. The family health center will screen health status to recognize health issues and advise, teach and enable people by connecting them to the administrations required. The family health center endeavor to guard our networks healthy and through the examination of potential health issues and perils.

Healthy & Assessment Communities

The Appraisal and Healthy People group (AHC) Area is focused on improving and keeping up the general health of Island County inhabitants. Our public health experts do this by participating in award composing, vital planning, and the advancement of shared associations to create, asset, and actualize local area health projects/programs in the county. They likewise survey individuals’ health and the climate in Island County by gathering and examining information and directing regional area health appraisal exercises.
Likewise, AHC gives staff backing to the Island County People group Health Warning Board to distinguish and address needs health issues. Through CHAB, they instruct the county Board regarding Health on health strategy issues and offer help to the board to improve issue papers and health strategies for Island County.

Island County Child Care Task Force

The Island County Youngster Care Organization Team’s motivation is to create cooperative, multi-area associations to evaluate current childcare assets and Island County requirements. And investigate approaches to grow the limit of and admittance to kid care programs generally minimized networks and families.

The Team will help direct a top-to-bottom youngster care needs evaluation, connect with the more extensive local area and creative needs, and a pilot project for tending to the kid care lack in Island County.

Island County Superior Court

The Island County Superior Court’s primary role is to choose cases decently and legally given on pertinent realities and law.
In managing the court, the Superior Court will probably offer effective and courteous assistance to all, advance regard for the law, and give equivalent admittance to equity.

Changes Related to COVID-19

Covers are needed for any individual who is present in the courtroom. You should give your bodies as the court won’t give them.
If it’s not too much trouble, interface with the courtroom at least five (5) minutes preceding your planned appearance. Kindly stay quiet on the line until your case gets called. Whenever the situation allows, kindly don’t put your gadget on speakerphone as this makes input in the courtroom. For your benefit, the Superior Court have appended the week-by-week court plan beneath. This will help you in figuring out which courtroom you ought to require your hearing. If you need additional data/explanation, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Court Organization at (360)679-7361.
Per Crisis Request No. 2020-8, all people showing up for cases, including petitions for assurance requests, will show up by video using StarLeaf. You may show up by video by visiting When you are on the site, click the green catch marked “Join Meeting” on the upper right side.
Adhere to the directions to open StarLeaf Launcher to join your gathering. Demands fluctuate contingent upon which web application you are utilizing. If you need any help joining a StarLeaf hearing for a court appearance, kindly don’t stop for a second to contact Court Organization at (360)679-7361.
As of July 1, 2020, Court Organization will presently don’t acknowledge electronic working duplicates for the adjudicators. Kindly hand conveys to Superior Court Organization at Coupeville, WA 98239, or mail working duplicates to PO BOX 5000, Coupeville, WA 98239.
Jury preliminaries have continued in Superior Court with explicit health and wellbeing safeguards set up. Preceding any jury preliminary, all gatherings will survey Superior Court’s jury initial arrangement.

Jury Duty

Jury preliminaries have continued in Superior Court. If it’s not too much trouble, follow the headings on your request to bring in the night before your planned report date/s to decide whether you got booked to report for jury determination.
At least three weeks preceding an impending jury term, a letter showing Superior Court measures legal hearer health and wellbeing, a health screening survey, and an updated card will get sent to all affirmed attendants. Regular hearers got approached to finish the health screening poll and get back to Superior Court Organization a limit of 10 days before their booked jury term.

How to Get Records

Steady with the standards of open organization of equity as given in article I, area 10 of the Washington State Constitution, it is the legal executive’s approach to encourage admittance to authoritative records. An assumption of access applies to the legal executive’s organizational records. Admittance to classic forms, in any case, isn’t outright and will be predictable with exceptions for individual security, limitations in rules, regulations in court rules, and as needed for the respectability of legal dynamic. Access will not unduly trouble the matter of the traditional executive.
The Request Form is here.

Island County Jail, WA

The Island County Jail was renovated with extra space in 1983 and is a traditional straight style (cell square and quarters) office that houses both condemned and pre-preliminary most astonishing security prisoners. The Jail gets intended to accommodate up to 58 detainees at some random time.
Prisoners approach outside entertainment, mail, supermarket buys (minor supermarket food things and sundries), and unique projects. Detainees likewise get clinical, psychological well-being, and dental consideration. Strict administrations and some guilty party change programs got additionally advertised. Public visiting is also accessible on a rotational premise; if it’s not too much trouble, survey our Meeting Conventions beneath for more data. Condemned detainees might be qualified to perform work in the office kitchen or custodial teams and get “work-time” credits to diminish their sentences. Eligible detainees may meet all requirements for the Local area Work Program or Electronic Observing Project.
The Island County Sheriff’s Specialization’s Revisions Division is devoted to giving a free from any danger office for those endowed to our consideration. It is instilled in our departmental character to maintain the law and gets expertly conveyed with the most extreme uprightness. The Island County Jail remain ever determined to the residents of the County of Island with the certainty our staff stays proficient in the exhibition of their obligations and watchful in their endeavors to defend the local area.

Inmate Visitation with COVID-19

Detainee Appearance has got suspended because of Coronavirus. Given this limitation, prisoners will be given two free brief calls each week and two composing packs while the visit limitation stays set up. The facility thank you for your comprehension during these difficult occasions.

Incoming Mail

Letters/correspondence routed to prisoners should bear a name and return address, or the mail won’t get conveyed to the detainee. Mail will be opened by the staff and investigated for stash before conveyance. Legitimate mail from/to lawyers, the courts, or chose government, state, county, ancestral, or city authorities will not be retained and will get assessed within sight of the detainee.
Mail might get perused just if there is clear and persuading proof that the correspondence represents a danger to the wellbeing of the office, public authorities, or the overall population or is getting utilized in the facilitation of criminal operations. The perusing of a prisoner’s mail will get recorded in the detainee’s mail log.

Jail Roster

Locating someone in the Island County Jail is easier than ever now. All you need to do is find the jail roster that is available here on this website. Please input their full name to have a successful inmate search.

Island County Sheriff

The Island County Sheriff’s Office’s mission to give fair, local area arranged police administrations to keep up and improve Island County’s standing as a protected, flourishing local area where inhabitants and guests can securely live, work and visit.

Meet the Sheriff, Rick Felici

Our need is the well-being of general society. During Coronavirus limitations, the Sheriff’s Office will zero in on instructing individuals on the best way to assist keep themselves, their families, and our networks safe, particularly our most weak individuals.
When appointees experience individuals who are not following the lead representative’s structure, the Sheriff’s Office will help them remember the current limitations and the purposes behind them with an objective of instruction and intentional cooperation as a whole work to decrease the effect of this infection.
The Sheriff’s Office want to capture or ticket anybody for infringement of the current limitations.
Our people group keeps on showing that the department are paying attention to this disease danger. The department are exclusively and aggregately doing useful things to help control the spread of Coronavirus.
As the department keep on offsetting these new difficulties with restricted assets, the department ask that you kindly keep on aiding stop the spread by doing your part.
The department are a lot mindful of this pandemic’s trouble for our families, organizations, and the local area.
Cooperating to abbreviate the physical and financial effect of this occasion is as yet our solitary genuine choice.
“I, Rick Felici accept firmly locally that cooperates with law requirement to help address wrongdoing and make Island County a more secure spot to live. To focus on this way of thinking, I, Rick Felici will commit myself to note the requirements of the residents and encouraging their trust in the people of the Island County Sheriff’s Office.”

Sheriff Services

Hazardous Material Drop-Offs

Instead of a solitary day for drug takebacks, Island County keeps a drop confine the anteroom of the Addition Working in Coupeville, WA. The hours for drop-off are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, barring occasions.
Kindly spot any pills, tablets, or cases in a Ziploc type pack to put in the dropbox, don’t discard the whole jug. The accompanying things are not acknowledged at the dropbox.

  • Needles, or different sharps
  • Inhalers, like those for asthma
  • Fluids
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Iodine-containing drugs
  • Illicit medications or substances


Fingerprinting at Camano: not accessible at this time
Fingerprinting at South Whidbey: not accessible at this time
Fingerprinting Coupeville: Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm BY Arrangement As it were. To plan, kindly call us at 360-678-4422 alternative #5
*Our Camano and Freeland offices are presently shut.
*Please note that the department can’t make changes for huge bills.

Concealed Pistol License

You are free to plan an arrangement to apply for a Unique Disguised Gun Permit at the ICSO Coupeville Area; time allotments are offered Tuesday through Friday hourly somewhere in the range of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and special days on Camano Island. To plan, if it’s not too much trouble, call us at 360-678-4422 choice #5

Things to note:

  • The facility do necessitate that you wear a veil.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, reschedule on the off chance that you are feeling unwell. The temperature will get checked at the hour of your arrangement.
  • The application charge is $49.25 money or checks just (careful money on Camano Island, there is no change accessible). The facility can’t acknowledge cards.
  • Kindly make sure to bring a picture ID. State or Governmentally gave ID (ex: express driver’s permit, military ID, identification) are, for the most part, good choices.
  • You should finish a Province of Washington Hid Gun Permit Application, which you can download early, or have some access on the table external our office.
  • Fingerprints will get taken at the hour of your application.

Select a state of incarceration