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Updated on: February 13, 2023
Department Name Washington State Department of Corrections
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Location PO Box 41100, Olympia, WA 98504-1100
Phone Number (360) 725-8213

About Washington State Department of Corrections

Did you know that before the 70s that Washington’s state did not have an agency to handle their prison structure? Did you know that this is one of the last states to get their own Department of Corrections? Yup, the Department of Corrections in Washington state was not formed until the 1970s. The Washington state was indeed one of the last states to implement their Department of Corrections.

This truly meant that Washington’s state did not have a concrete prison structure protocol before this time. This didn’t mean that they were a free for all state either, but it was not as efficient as it is today.

The reason why the Washington state finally decided to adopt a Department of Corrections because they felt it was time. It would not be until Daniel J. Evans agreed to push for getting the state a Department of Corrections. Because it just so happened that the way they were doing things was not working for what was going on in their correction side. It would take a few years to transition from the Department that handled their corrections to turn things over to the Department of Corrections. This was not an overnight occurrence.

How Do I Locate a Washington Inmate?

The Washington Inmates Search portal is a database that provides criminal justice information for the state of Washington. The portal allows users to search by name, date of birth, and ID number. The main purpose of this search engine is to provide information on active inmates in the state of Washington. 

To use this search engine you must first enter at least one piece of information into the required fields (i.e., inmate name or date of birth). You can also search by the last four digits of their Social Security number or inmate ID number. 

Once you have entered all required data, click "Search." The results will display all matching records based on your input criteria, and if there is more than one match, you will be provided with a list of individuals who fit your criteria. The information will also have Washington state inmate mugshots for easier recognition of the person you are looking for. 

Suppose you are trying to locate someone in a correctional facility. In that case, we recommend using our "Find an Inmate" tool, which allows you to search for inmates by county jail, facility name, or location. 

If you cannot access the internet, call the DOC at (360) 725-8213 for more information. The entire phone call will be recorded and monitored for quality assurance purposes. 

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