PreRelease Minimum Center

PreRelease Minimum Center is a residential facility, which focuses on vocational educational training/employment, education, treatment programs and community re-entry for all residents. Simultaneously we promote resident accountability and at the forefront consider public safety a priority. The goal of the program is successful reintegration of residents back into the community. As residents prepare for community re-integration they are encouraged to examine past maladaptive behaviors and work towards positive changes to avoid prior lifestyles of criminal behavior, which has previously resulted in criminal recidivism. Residents are classified, screened and through an assessment process are tracked to attend the Re-Entry Program.

The Center requires the residents on a continuum to address their criminal factors, which originally brought them into the correctional center.

The program averages 207 inmates in its residential setting on any given day. About 747 inmates successfully complete the facilities program in a year.

Last year our Community Service Program amassed over 85,000 hours of work dedicated to assisting community projects such as Habitat for Humanity, Springfield Housing, and many others. Since the Community Service Programs inception in April of 1993, over 1 millions hours of restitution have been given back to the citizens of Hampden County. Thus contributing to the stabilization of our communities.