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Updated on: April 23, 2023
Department Name Oregon Department of Corrections
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Location 2575 Center St NE Salem, OR 97301
Phone Number 503-945-9090
Fax 503-373-1173

About Oregon Department of Corrections

Oregon was the last state to incorporate a Department of Corrections into their state government finally. The Department of Corrections in Oregon was finally put into place in 1987. This was a little more than thirty years ago.

If you are interested in all that the Oregon Department of Corrections handles, you’ll want to check out ORS 423. Here, this document outlines everything that the Oregon Department of Corrections cannot and can do and how they do these things. It’s a great read and will give you much more insight into the protocols and procedures that they use.

Once the Department of Corrections in Oregon was finally formed, the Department would never have a single day off. This Department works all the time. They do not close for holidays, pandemics, or natural disasters. They are always working. This Department is responsible for its inmates. Their care for their inmates is their number one priority.

On average now, the Oregon Department of Corrections has around 20,000 inmates daily.

How Do I Locate an Oregon Inmate? 

Those who wish to track down a loved one in jail might do an inmate search. Inmates' full names, dates of birth, and physical descriptions are available through the Department of Corrections' prisoner lookup tool. You will also include additional information such as the inmate's location and disciplinary status in search results. 

Interested parties may include an offender's offense, docket number, and photographs in the Oregon Offender Search's records. There are several ways to narrow down your search results on the Oregon Inmate Lookup Tool. First, there are a few ways in which the public can locate offenders: by first name, middle name, and last name. Third-party websites allow the general public to conduct a free online search for an inmate's name.  

Oregon Offender Search - a free public service provided by the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC), allows anybody to look up information about an individual offender. A total of 36 county jails and 14 state prisons are in Oregon. In addition, the sheriff's office in each county has an online roster database that the public may use to do a prisoner search in Oregon. 

The Oregon Department of Corrections oversees the state's correctional and detention institutions. It oversees a prison system that includes 14 facilities, comprising correctional institutes, a labor camp, and a state prison, among other things. Therefore, you must make a Public Records Request to receive a certified and official copy of an offender's record.  

The inmate lookup tool in the state of Oregon contains information about criminals who have been sentenced to prison terms. Additionally, inmate records provide: 

You must make a Public Records Request to receive an official or verified copy of an offender's records. 

How Do I Contact the Oregon Department of Corrections? 

For more information, contact the Oregon Department of Corrections via their phone number (503) 945-9090 or send a fax to (503) 373-1173. The agency's physical address is 3723 Fairview Industrial Drive SE 200 Salem, OR 97302. In addition, you can email customer support if you need help with ICS Corrections, Inc. Visit their website for more details.  

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