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Updated on: April 21, 2021
Department Name Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Official Website http://www.ok.gov/doc/
Currently Incarcerated Inmates https://okoffender.doc.ok.gov/
Location P.O. Box 11400. Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0400
Phone Number 405-425-2500, 405-425-2578

About Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections was formed in 1890. The Oklahoma Departments of Corrections is one of the older Department of corrections around. Most people don’t know most of the departments of corrections in other states were formed in the 1900s.

This Department of Corrections in Oklahoma has seen some things for being around since the 1800s. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections would not have been developed if it was not for the senator during this time. The senator advocated getting a department of corrections going. He wanted to see that the state would finally have a set in stone prison structure and have a department that can strictly look into and make the proper protocols for how these facilities will work.

Many do not see a factor when it comes to the Department of Corrections because it offers the people living in Oklahoma many jobs. These jobs can help construct these offices and correctional facilities to being a correctional, parole, or probation officer in one of the many facilities.

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