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Updated on: April 25, 2023
North Carolina
Department Name North Carolina Department of Public Safety
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Location 512 North Salisbury StreetRaleigh, NC 27604
Phone Number 919-733-2126, 800-368-1985
Fax (919) 733-8272

About North Carolina Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety in North Carolina is a great department to work for. The Department is all about its residents. Their Department promotes safety, rehabilitation, and security. The Department wants you, the residents, to feel safe when you go to work, home, and vacation here in North Carolina.

However, the Department of Public Safety also has other things on their list as well. The other task is to promote rehabilitation for those offenders they are in the custody of. They have many offenders in their facilities, and a lot of them are repeat offenders. The offender population will not stop growing throughout the past two decades.

The Department of Public Safety in North Carolina wants to stop that and wants to promote a better lifestyle. This is why they have implemented so many new programs in the past few years to hopefully ease the progression of the inmate population.

How Do I Locate A North Carolina Inmate? 

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) is in charge of 57 state prisons, two women's prisons, and two prison labor farms. The NCDPS is divided into four regional offices (Eastern, Western, Central, and South Central). Each agency is in charge of the jails, correctional institutions, correctional centers, and labor farms in their respective geographic zones. 

Visit facility pages in the North Carolina prison directory to get locations, phone numbers, jail information, and visiting hours. North Carolina contains county and local jails in addition to state prisons. Local law enforcement runs these municipal prisons, such as sheriff's offices or police departments. 

You need to locate an inmate because you may need to send them some funds, a package, letter, mail, or even visit them. 

How Can I Search For Inmates In North Carolina Prisons? 

The NCDPS offers a free offender search by name tool that anybody interested in finding someone in jail may utilize. This search tool also provides information about state prison probationers and parolees, escapees, captures, and absconders. 

You can perform a search by entering the offender's name or inmate ID number into the North Carolina inmates search engine. You can also add other information about the inmate, such as their gender, race, ethnic group, age range, and birth date, among other available search factors, to reduce the search results. 

Interested individuals may also utilize the prisoner search tool to locate records of released convicts. In addition, one may find an inmate by county, month, and year. The prisoner search tool retrieves information about offenders released in the last three years, including names, offender numbers, release dates, crime categories, and release types. 

This database, which includes information from the NC Department of Public Safety and the previous NC Department of Correction, dates back to 1972. However, it does not include information on the county jail. The website also offers a special search platform for NC DOC offenders' escapes/captures, absconders, and inmate releases. It also provides bulk data downloads for statistical analysis. 

How To Locate An Inmate In A County Or Municipal Jail Online 

There are 97 county and municipal jails in the 100 counties in North Carolina. The county sheriffs run the county jails, whereas the municipal and local county police run the city jails. North Carolina has a total population of over 21,000 inmates in these jails; thus, locating one inmate amongst them may take a while. Moreover, there is no central repository of prisoner records for municipal and county prisons in North Carolina. 

Those looking for information about the county and municipal prisons should go to the jail's official website or the sheriff's office in person. On the local law enforcement website, most municipalities give guidelines on finding out whether someone is in prison. It is also usual for prisons to post updated lists of prisoners presently housed there. 

You can locate an inmate by name or prisoner number on these websites. 

How To Locate An Inmate In Jail Without An Online Website Or Inmate List 

Since there are jails without an online platform whereby interested individuals can locate an inmate, finding such an inmate is very difficult. However, the NCDPS prison locator found a list of all jails in North Carolina. 

When you find the jail, you can request the contact information of that specific jail. You can call the prison and send an email or a letter inquiring if an inmate is in jail. You can also contact the jail requesting information about an inmate in that jail. This may include; 

How To Locate A Federal Inmate 

There are five federal prisons and one federal prison camp in North Carolina. To locate them visit the FBI Prisoner locator on their official website. You can locate an inmate by name. However, the search results may be bulky; additional information about the inmate, such as incarceration or date of birth, can narrow down the search option. 

In addition, you can locate an inmate by number too. This is a more direct way since prisoner numbers differ. 

NC SAVAN Search  

As part of North Carolina's commitment to helping crime victims, NC SAVAN (North Carolina Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification) sends free, confidential alerts to victims, their families, and their support networks on an offender's custody status. This service is available to county jail inmates, state prisoners, probationers, parolees, and registered sex offenders. Interested individuals may register with NC SAVAN to receive notifications via phone, email, text message, or TTY. 

The Automated System Query (ASQ) searches the same NCDPS database as the public offender search above. Still, it also allows you to create specialized reports based on your specific criteria. Returns offender numbers and demographic data, but not individual offender names. 

How To Locate A Sex Offender In North Carolina 

The state law protects its residents from sexual criminals by the sex offender rules, which provide information on sex offenders. In North Carolina, there are 20,861 sex convicts on the books. All inmates must register in the NC Sex Offender Registry, a database that displays where registered sex offenders living in North Carolina. Although the information is collected at the local level from the sheriff and other local law authorities, the State Bureau of Investigation-NC is responsible for maintaining this database. 

The Interstate Commission on Adult Offender Supervision's search tool allows you to look up information on probationers and parolees whose supervision has been transferred to another state. You must visit the Interstate Compact Offender Tracking website to access these inmates. 

The Law Enforcement Search also provides information on sex offenders. You can find up-to-date information on North Carolina offenders, probationers, and parolees by searching the NCDPS Adult Correction database by last name or ID. This website also provides offender pictures, and law enforcement officers access offender information. 

To look up an offender, you'll need their first and last names and the state where they were arrested. You can also access the sheriff's public records or call the justice department for any questions via their website or phone. 

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