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Updated on: May 1, 2023
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About Minnesota Department of Corrections

When it comes to the Minnesota state government, the Minnesota Department of Corrections is a vital part. The reason why the Minnesota Department of Corrections is an essential part has to do with the fact that without them, the safety of residents would be put in jeopardy.

Before Minnesota had the Department of Corrections, the state had difficulty managing their disciplinary procedures and facilities. This is not good for those that call Minnesota home.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections solely oversees the day to day operations of all correctional facilities. The Department never sleeps. The Department is always looking for ways to do better, for ways to improve, and just making sure nothing is getting through the cracks.

The leading employer in Minnesota is the Department of Corrections. Every year, the Department of Corrections adds in new jobs for their residents. This not only helps them out but also keeps the economy in Minnesota stable as well. The people who work for the Department of Corrections always receive training, and some of the best benefits around.

All questions and comments about a state prison should be routed to the Minnesota Department of Corrections as they will be the only people who can genuinely help you.

How Do I Locate a Minnesota Inmate  

With over 80 jails in over as many counties, the North Star State processes over 90,00 inmates each year. While all these facilities are crucial in running the county, finding a loved one or a close acquaintance with all these records can be daunting. Fortunately, there are a few possible ways you can use to locate a Minnesota Inmate: 

Technique #1. Call the Minnesota Corrections Department  

The first suggestion for you is to contact the Minnesota Corrections Department through phone calls. Specifically, it's the county department responsible for managing all the prisons in the county.  

Its primary location is in St. Paul, and the head of its operations is Commissioner Paul Schnell. The department has a team that manages various types of inmate information, which goes through data processing measures.  

Calling the department will also give you much more information on how you can access inmate data. They might also provide insight into whether the inmate has already been processed in any county jails in Minnesota.  

Once the department process the information, it's uploaded online and reserved in a correctional facility data for easy access. Or you can also contact the department through email ([email protected]). 

While anyone can access inmate information online in any Minnesota database, the data is under the regulation of the Federal Government. The information is only available for inmate location and identification purposes.  

Anyone that misuses the information or has unethical goals in mind will be subject to punitive actions from the Federal government. Fortunately, the Minnesota Corrections Department offers a 24/7 response for any inmate search queries. 

Technique #2. Search Using the Online Inmate Locator System 

Aside from calling the prison facility, you can also use the online portal, which the state has created to provide convenient information. The advent of the internet and its information management benefits have made it a powerful resource for accessing inmate data.  

Nowadays, almost every state maintains an online and publicly available inmate record system. Specifically, Minnesota State uses the mn doc offender search to offer a convenient platform for accessing inmate data. Once the Minnesota Corrections department processes information about a particular inmate, they will upload it online.  

Although the information might sometimes be unavailable, it's usually due to court proceedings or aspects such as the inmate's location. However, expect the information to be available soon as long as the inmate has gone through processing by any of North Star State's law enforcement agencies.  

Some of the details you need to perform a search process through the MNDOC Offender Locator include the inmate's: 

Technique #3. Visit the Prison Facility  

The other practical option for locating an inmate involves physically visiting the facility. However, the drawback of using this approach is that you have to identify the specific facility, which totals over 80 in Minnesota.  

Fortunately, if you have the precise address details of the given inmate, consider visiting the facility. You may have to carry your identification details and those of the inmate with you.  

How to Find Fugitives and Sex Offenders 

Aside from providing an inmate locator system, the law enforcement agencies in the county also have databases dedicated to fugitives or sex offenders. Below is a description of these two records: 

Predatory Offender Search Records 

Through this database, users can access information on sex offenders to whom the state is subject to the registration laws of the state. Law enforcement agencies choose the specific details of offenders that will be available through this inmate search database. Usually, the Minnesota Department of Corrections updates these records within 2 hours of receiving authorization.  

Fugitive Records  

Minnesota state maintains an extensive database on fugitive inmates n the country. If you have any questions about the departments and their records, they have a 24-hour tip line (1-800-222-TIPS (8477) that you can use. You also can use the crime stoppers website, which details information on various types of inmates. 

How to Call or Access an Inmate  

Once you find your preferred inmate, the next step is to choose the proper means of contacting or accessing them. The Minnesota Corrections department maintains various measures that help regulate inmate access or communications. The reason is that inmates are individuals living in protective custody, and these restrictions are part of everyday prison regulations. 

However, there is no method of calling an inmate at a prison facility in Minnesota state. The only alternative is for you to consider depositing funds in the inmate's account and ensure prison officials give them a notification. The inmate will then have to strategize a specific time of day through which they can get in touch with you. 

Some county jails in Minnesota also support collect calls, although they may still have to make direct inquiries for convenience. 

When accessing inmates, the only legal place you can do this is at any designated prison facility. With over 80 prison facilities in the county, the specific times you access inmates depend on your jail regulations and your preferences.  

What are Some of the Records You Can Access Through the Inmate Search? 

Like all other prison facilities in the country, Minnesota state maintains an online record that you can use to access inmate information. Some of the inmate records that the county process includes mugshots, date of arrests/incarceration, crime details, gender, and more.  

The county jails in Minnesota process these records and makes them available for online access. However, the information is subject to various mandatory procedures to ensure they are legitimate and precise. Some of these procedures include data validation processes which involve law enforcement members dedicated to this process.  

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