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Updated on: January 18, 2021
Location 7555 Waterloo Road, Jessup, MD, 20794
Official Website

Situated in Jessup, Maryland, the Patuxent institution is on Maryland Route 175, one mile east of the U.S. Route. It is a maximum security treatment-oriented correctional facility. It officiated its operations in 1955. With a static maximum capacity of 987 beds, it provides the utmost diverse services to the various female and male offender populations across the state.

The unique facility was specially put in place for the most dangerous unlawful offenders in Maryland. Its mission was to guarantee the general public’s safety through the psychotherapeutic treatment of defective crooks. Offenders who persistently demonstrated criminal and antisocial behavior was involuntarily committed to the facility following court designation.

Patuxent correctional facility was designed specially to offer self-contained operations supervised by full-time psychologists, clinicians, psychiatrists, custody personnel, and social workers. The facility is unique as it provides its inmate review, own admission, and separate paroling authority from the Division of Correction (DOC) in Maryland.

The Specialty of Patuxent Institution

The facility is also referred to as Jessup Mental Health Correctional Center. The institution was specially put in place for inmates with mental health problems. Many of the programs offered are geared towards the psychological wellbeing of those convicted. After treatment at the facility, the criminal offenders are eventually transitioned to other prisons in the state.

Patuxent Correctional Institution provides the convicts with substance and alcohol abuse treatments. The facility is also responsible for evaluating the inmates who are newly committed and with mental health issues. Educational programs geared towards attaining GED certificates for horticulture and master gardener programs are offered to the inmates.

How to Locate Loved Ones in Patuxent Institution

Each correctional facility department has its guidelines on commissary, visitation, and mail. There are also rules to be followed before linking up with your loved one. The Prison Service Locator is used when looking for a convict at the Patuxent Institution.

Depending on the locale, lookups for inmates in state prisons may vary. Incarceration is hard for families and convicts. This is why it is vital to use inmate services to make the process seamless. Families can seek for their convict through the Patuxent Institution website. The Inmate ID given to the inmate when assigned at the facility is required.

All inmate information is updated in the form containing the release and incarceration dates. It is important to note that only currently incarcerated convicts are included in the database.

How to Send Mail to an Inmate in Patuxent Institution

Incarcerated individuals in a Maryland prison is permitted to receive and send correspondence. Unless an inmate is deemed indigent, they are supposed to pay for their personal postage. After payment, they are provided with writing materials and postage for seven letters per week.

For an inmate to qualify as indigent, they should have had less than $4.00 for over 30 days in their account. All incoming letters are inspected for contraband. Sending of stamps, cash, or any items to the correspondence is prohibited.

Letters may be read if they are suspicions of escape plans, description of construction and use of weapons, procedures for the production of alcoholic beverages and drugs, bodily harm, if the mail is written in code if it poses a threat directly to the security and safety of the institute.

You are allowed to send a convict 4×6 photos. The photos cannot be instant or Polaroid as they could be used to sneak in contraband to the correctional facility. You are not allowed to send an inmate more than five pictures at a go. Photos depicting nudity and illegal activities are prohibited.

How to Send Money to an Inmate in Patuxent Correctional Institution

Convicts incarcerated in Patuxent institute have two account types, an active account, and a reserve account. An active account contains funds that a convict can use to buy items in the commissary. Funds in the reserve account cannot be spent.

To send money to a convict, you must get a payable Postal Money Order to the inmate. The full name of the inmate, the money order, and the SID number should be included. For funds over $250, the money order may be held for 30 days. However, it normally takes five business days to process the money order.

Items Prohibited at the Institution

Contrabands are strictly prohibited in Patuxent Institute. Some of the products forbidden in the facility include:

  • Cameras, mobile phones, recording devices, and video cameras
  • Tobacco/cigarettes
  • Drug paraphernalia such as syringes
  • Weapons such as guns and knives
  • Explosives, flammable liquids, and chemicals
  • Over the counter and herbal medication
  • Alcohol and alcohol-related products
  • Non-transparent bags for personal belongings such as wallets, briefcases, handbags, purses, and many more.
  • Electronic devices such as MP3 players, game consoles, iPod, USB flash drives, and heart rate monitors unless when approved by the Superintendent.
  • Razors, clippers, rechargeable toothbrushes
  • Candles, lighters, matches, aerosol pressure spray, and incense
  • Tattooing materials, magnets, weights,
  • Glass bottles, metal cutlery, non-transparent lunch boxes, and glass bottles
  • Patches, colors, and clothing associated with gangs
  • Pens, highlighters, paint, knitting needles, and scissors

Visiting Schedules at Patuxent Institution

Each convict is allowed two visits each week, Saturday and Sunday, between 10 am and 1 pm. A maximum of thirty minutes is allowed per visit. The officials in charge must approve any extension. Visitors are required to register at least thirty minutes before the visiting hours. While receiving status, new inmates are not allowed to receive visits.

On holidays visiting hours is between 9 am and 5 pm.

Who is permitted to Visit an Inmate at Patuxent Mental Institution

The correctional facility has guidelines dictating who is allowed to visit a convict during the stipulated visiting hours. They include religious leaders, employers, attorneys, sponsors, approved friends and relatives, and immediate family members.

However, some reasons may deter you from visiting an inmate such as if you have an outstanding warrant, when on parole or probation, when you have an active protection against you, or when you are deemed a flight risk. It can be challenging for people who have been previously convicted for a felony to be admitted to the facility as visitors.

Patuxent Contacts and Addresses

You are allowed to contact your loved one at the facility via the official contact and mailing address. They are as follows:

  • The telephone number to the facility is (410)-799-3400.
  • The physical address is 7555 Waterloo Road. Jessup, Maryland 20794.
  • The Inmate Mailing Address is P.O. Box 700 Jessup MD 20794.

Patuxent Institution - Correctional Mental Health Center Jessup — General Information

Facility Name Patuxent Institution - Correctional Mental Health Center Jessup
Facility Type State Prison
Address 7555 Waterloo Road, Jessup, MD, 20794
Facility Type Adult
City Jessup
Postal Code 20794
State Maryland
County Howard County
Official Website

Visiting Hours

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


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