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Reno County Jail, KS Inmate Search, Visitation Hours

Updated on: March 9, 2021
Location 210 West 1st Avenue, Hutchinson, KS, 67501
Official Website

Do you have questions on how to communicate with an inmate in the Reno County Jail? There are multiple ways that you can use to reach out to them.

The Reno County Jail states that their facility is designed to improve the safety of the public. The staff does this by providing secure, safe, and humane confinement for those housed at the jail. 

If you would like to learn about all of the ways that you can reach out to an inmate here, be sure to continue reading.

How to Place a Call

If you would like to talk to the inmate at the Reno County Jail over the phone, you can. The inmate can purchase phone cards through a Turnkey kiosk at the facility. They are allowed to purchase more than one card at a time.

However, the inmate will only be able to make calls out; they can not accept calls coming into the facility. They can make collect calls, which require you to answer if the inmate does not have any phone cards.

The Reno County Jail may also now offer direct calls through a third party. You will need to contact the facility directly and ask what your options are. This method of contact will usually charge a small fee, which ends up costing much less than a collect call.

There is a limit to how many calls the inmate is allowed to receive. Ensure that you do not go over this limit too quickly, or you might not be able to talk with the inmate for awhile.

Please remember that the Reno County Jail records all phone conversations. You do not want to discuss any legal matters over the phone for this reason- they can be used against the inmate in court.

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

You may also wish to visit the inmate. The hours for male and female inmates differ, so we made sure to list everything out below.

For male inmates, the visiting times are as follows:

Last names A through L – Saturday, 2 to 4 pm and 7 to 9 pm

Last names M through Z – Sunday, 2 to 4 pm. and 7 to 9 pm

For female inmates, the visiting hours are as follows:

Tuesday, 2 to 4 pm and 7 to 9 pm

If you would like to visit an inmate, there is more that you will want to know. First of all, you must visit the Reno County Jail with a valid photo ID. You need to be on no lists and arrive anytime during the visiting hours, but you will still want to arrive about 15 minutes early to ensure that you can visit the offender.

How You can Send an Inmate Mail

When sending mail to prison, you must ensure you address the mail correctly. Not doing so may mean that the inmate does not receive your letter. Start by writing the inmate’s first and last name in the top left of the envelope. Then put the Reno County Jail’s mailing address.

On the right side, you will need to have your return address and name in the top left corner.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to send anything with your letter. Stamps, stickers, drawings, and more might not make it to the inmate.

However, you are allowed to send photographs. They are not allowed to be larger than 4″ x 6,” and you can not send the inmate more than five images at a time.

Polaroid photos and inappropriate imagery are not allowed. If you want to make sure that your pictures will be given by staff to the inmate, you should call before you send the letter. Let them know what the pictures are off, and the staff can tell you if it is acceptable or not.

The Reno County Jail considers mail to be a privilege. Violating their rules means that the inmate will lose their mailing rights for a certain amount of time. If you try to send contraband, you could get into legal trouble as well.

Video Chat System

Turnkey provides a video chat system that inmates are allowed to use. You will want to behave appropriately during the video call. Otherwise, the inmate will not be able to contact others for 30 days using this method.

Reno County Jail — General Information

Facility Name Reno County Jail
Facility Type County Jail
Address 210 West 1st Avenue, Hutchinson, KS, 67501
Facility Type Adult
City Hutchinson
Postal Code 67501
State Kansas
County Reno County
Official Website

Reno County Sheriffs Office / Reno County Jail

Address 210 West 1st Avenue, Hutchinson, Kansas, 67501
Phone 620-694-2735
Fax 620-694-2702
Website website

Visiting Hours

Monday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
Sunday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM


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