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Updated on: January 18, 2021
Department Name Idaho Department of Correction
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 1299 N. Orchard St., Suite 110Boise, ID 83706
Phone Number (208) 658-2000

About Idaho Department of Correction

Every state has an agency that is responsible for their law enforcement/corrections division. This Department is typically known as the Department of Corrections. This is the same in Idaho. Idaho also has its own Department of Corrections.

The Idaho Department of Corrections is one of Idaho’s biggest departments in their state-governed power. The Department of Corrections has full control over its prison facilities, probation offices, and parole offices.

There are a handful of prison facilities in Idaho, but there are many more probation offices and parole offices. Many people work out in these offices every day to ensure the Department of Corrections is always moving in the right direction.

As of late 2020, the Department of Corrections is in charge of employing over 2,500 people. These people work in either a prison, a parole office, or a probation office. There are several jobs someone may have when they do for the Department of Corrections in Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Corrections has many resources that they give their employees to help them better themselves when they are on the job. These resources are always passed down to the offenders to rehabilitate them, so they do not return through the system shortly.

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