FCI Victorville Medium I

FCI Victorville Medium I Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: January 18, 2021
Official Website https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/vim/

The Victorville prison facility is classified as a medium level security facility located in Victorville, California. The federal bureau of prisons runs the facility which comes with an adjacent low-level security satellite camp used mainly to hold low-risk female inmates.

The facility comes with several programs meant to help the inmate with skills and health services to assist with their re-entry into society and increase their skill set. Some of the programs at the facility include rehabilitation programs such as AA and narcotics anonymous. The facility also comes with literacy and educational programs such as GED and English as a second language course.

Which Is the Best Way to Look Up an Inmate

Being a federal facility means that all the inmate information can be found on the federal inmate search database. All you need is a bit of information about the inmate, including their names and ID, to start searching. However, the more information you have about the inmate including their age, sex, the faster the search will be.

You also have the option of calling the facility and enquiring about the inmate. This may yield results but it will be slower compared to searching online.

Funding the Inmates

After being processed into the facility, each inmate is provided with a commissary account where he or she can deposit money to use at the prison canteen. Inmates need to have money in their accounts as it allows them to get essentials such as soap and snacks from the prison kiosk.

If you want to send some money to an inmate housed at the Victorville facility, you can use the postal service where you can send checks or money orders. You can also use an electronic money transfer and if you are near the facility, you can walk in and deposit the money to the inmate’s account.


Inmates at the FCI Victorville facility are allowed to make phone calls to friends and loved ones subject to some rues. For one, they have to make phone calls during approved times, and each call will be restricted to a specific time limit.

Inmates can make either collect calls or prepaid calls. Victorville utilizes the services of the Trulincs Company to call both landline and mobile phones. For an inmate to make a phone call to a friend or loved one, their number must be added to the contact list approval form.

Phone calls will also be recorded for security purposes.

Can You Send Items Over?

Inmates at the FCC Victorville facility are allowed to correspond with friends and loved ones. The facility understands the importance of mail to an inmate’s temperament and how it helps the inmate cope with harsh prison life.

The amount of mail an inmate can send and receive is not limited; however, there are security protocols such as opening and inspecting all incoming and outgoing mail to ensure no contraband gets into the facility.

Apart from inspecting mail, there are specific rules regarding how the mail should come into the facility and includes rules as to what should be included with the mail. Markers, lipstick, and glitters are prohibited.

When it comes to sending packages to the facility, there are rules about what can be sent over and what cannot. The facility allows inmates to receive books and magazines as packages; however, they have to come in from reputable vendors such as Amazon.

Before sending anything over to the facility, it is advisable first to call the facility’s security personnel and find out the rules regarding sending packages.

Meeting with an Inmate

Visiting hours at the facility are between Saturdays and Mondays from 8am to 3pm. Inmates are allowed a maximum of four approved visitors. This means that before a visitor comes to the facility, they must get on the visitor’s list. This involves filing a visitor’s form, sending it back to the facility to carry out a background search based on the provided information, and either approved or rejected.

There are several visitation rules as seen below:

  • For one, expect to be patted down before gaining access to the facility. You will also go through a metal detector and get stamped with ultraviolet ink.
  • Visitors will also go through random screen tests for narcotics residue on their bodies.
  • Anything brought over to the facility will be opened and searched.
  • All visitors must come with valid ID’s.
  • No cell phones or electronics are allowed at the facility.

The only items allowed in include

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Change of infant clothing
  • Clear baby bottles
  • Small jars of baby food
  • Receiving blanket

There are rules to what can and cannot be worn when visiting the facility. Ensure you dress conservatively, meaning clothing articles such as tank tops and short dresses are prohibited. Also, open shoes and sandals are not allowed.

FCI Victorville Medium I — General Information

Facility Name FCI Victorville Medium I
Facility Type Federal Prison
Capacity 1191
City Victorville
Postal Code 92394
State District of Columbia
County San bernardino
Official Website https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/vim/

Visiting Hours

Monday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Holiday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM


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