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Colorado Inmate Search

Updated on: April 26, 2023
Department Name Colorado Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States
Phone Number 719-579-9580

About Colorado Department of Corrections

In Colorado, the Department that handles anything to do with corrections is known as the Colorado Department of Corrections. Just like any other Department of Corrections, the Colorado Department of Corrections also focuses on those who are on probation, parole, death row inmates, and those who are inside one of their many facilities in the state.

As of this year, the Department of Corrections in Colorado runs approximately 20 facilities. These facilities are located throughout the state. However, the Department of Corrections also has a contract with smaller privately owned prisons as well. Currently, there are three of these facilities in Colorado. Within these facilities, the state does not actively run them, but they are contracted out for a private organization to handle those day to day operations.

When an inmate is first brought into the Department of Corrections, the inmate will have to submit to a screening with the DRDC. The DRDC is a tool that the officials use to figure out where an inmate will be placed and what security level the inmate should hold. This tool is used for ALL incoming inmates and is frequently used for established inmates transferred to another state-run facility.

As of late, there is no death penalty in the state of Colorado. If an offender gets formally convicted of a capital crime, they will spend the rest of their natural life in the Sterling Facility. The Sterling FAcility has a closed custody pod for such inmates.

How Do I Locate A Colorado Inmate? 

Knowing where your loved one is incarcerated brings great relief to family and friends, unlike when you don't have the slightest idea of where they are. However, locating them to the jail, they are in can be a real challenge, especially if you don't know where to start. However, due to improved technology that has significantly improved things, you can actually conduct the process in an instance. For instance, the online inmate locator Colorado tool has made it easy for anyone trying to find someone currently held in any facility in the state, including those in jail before and those who have been released. Alternatively, you can always call individual detention facilities to inquire if your loved one is still in a particular facility. However, to have a successful inmate search in Colorado, you need to have some important details about your inmate of interest, such as their date of birth, registration number, and full name.  

Below are some of the ways you can perform a successful search in the State of Colorado: 

Using the Department of Correction Website 

If you are interested in finding an inmate in Colorado, you can use the CDOC inmate search tool. Here you are supposed to enter an inmate's DOC number or name in the search form and submit it. If upon search, you get results, you can then click on the record to view the inmate's photo and current facility. If you cannot find the inmate, you can contact Colorado DOC at: 

Colorado Department of Corrections 

Department Headquarters Facility 

Address: 1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910 

Phone: 719-579-9580 

Locating an Inmate at Colorado Federal Prison 

If you want to find an inmate at the Colorado Federal Prison, you can use the relevant inmate identification number, such as a Register Number, for better results. However, if you can use the name option, but you should ensure you have the first and last names with correct spellings. You must then open your internet browser to access the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. You can then look for the inmate locator button and click it. Use the search by ID Number box if you have an identification number for the inmate you are looking for. You should select the drop-down box next to the Type Number in the box entitled and choose the proper ID Number where the options are Register Number, DCDOC Number, FBI Number, and the INS Number. Lastly, click the search button at the bottom of the screen where some information, including name, Register Number, age, race, sex of the inmate, and the release date. 

Locating an Inmate Using Vine Link 

Colorado VINE information is always available 24/7. This avenue notifies you about an offender's release, transfer, escape, or death by phone, email, text, or TTY. However, you have to register to access the information you need, but the registration is completely anonymous and free. When writing, you will need; 

Colorado Sex Offender Search 

The Department of Justice controls the National Sex Offender Public Website. The website will allow you to search for the latest information from all fifty states. Suppose you are interested to know the sex offenders living. In that case, you can contact the local police department, county sheriff's office, or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a complete list of registered sex offenders. The police departments and the sheriff's offices maintain websites containing details concerning sex offenders in their jurisdiction, consistent with Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS). It is important to note that states, U.S territories, and tribes may maintain their sex offender registry websites, and the details contained in these registries and the national registry are identical. 

How to Perform Colorado Jail Inmate Search 

Most Colorado counties provide public access to inmate details through the city police or county sheriff's website. For example, the Denver Sheriff Department maintains an online Denver, Colorado inmate search tool that will allow you to search using a name or booking number. Alternatively, you can obtain more information on inmates by contacting the county's support desk or sending a request to the local city police department. 

How to Perform a Colorado Prison Inmate Search 

The Colorado Department of Correction provides public access to general inmate details through the prison lookup tool. You can perform a free inmate search by name or the inmate's DOC number if known. In addition, you can complete an inmate search by calling (719) 226-488. 

How to Perform a Colorado Inmate Release Date Search 

You can access the information about the release dates on the online prison lookup tool. If the release date is unavailable through inmate search, you can contact the record custodian and provide the inmate's name or ID number. It is important to note that an inmate's release date may be confidential for the inmate's safety purpose. The release date is only available to the inmate's immediate family, legal representatives, and authorized criminal justice agency officials. 

Locating a Detainee in Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Custody in Colorado 

The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Online Detainee Locator System (ODLS) usually finds immigration detainees in ICE custody that are 18 years or older. The ICE offers two methods to search the immigration detainee locator database; 

Search by A-Number 

You can find a detainee by the Alien Registration Number. The A-Number is a nine-digit number allocated to noncitizens when their A-File is created. If the A-Number has fewer than the nine digits, you are required to add the zeros at the beginning, and you should select the detainee's correct county birth. 

Search by Biological Information 

If you are searching for the biological information of a detainee, you can search by name. The detainee's first and last names are required. When inputting a hyphenated last name into the Online Detainee Locator System, you should include a hyphen for the locator to find the individual. Lastly, you should select the detainee's country of birth. 

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