Pelican Bay State Prison

Pelican Bay State Prison Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: February 22, 2021
Location 5950 Lake Earl Drive, Crescent City, CA, 95531
Official Website

Pelican Bay State Prison is arranged in Sickle City, California. The office opened its entryways in 1989. The prison is home to the absolute most hazardous detainees in California. Pelican Bay State Prison just houses extreme security detainees. There is a wing of the office that is for everybody. The other branch, the office, is comprised of the security lodging unit. The security lodging unit is for detainees that are a danger to the prison staff individuals and their kindred detainees. This wing is brimming with prisoners who are not effortlessly overseen and will begin a mob at any second. 

Close by the Pelican Bay State Prison, here is a base security prison. This office is home to or peaceful prisoners. You can discover this office on the fence from the Pelican Bay State Prison. The detainees in this base security prison offer assistance and backing to the Pelican Bay State Prison. 

Since the Pelican Bay State Prison houses the absolute most risky detainees in California, it is known as a supermax office. All the detainees in the unique lodging unit will be in their cells for hours each day. Notwithstanding, the court mentioned that detainees in the extraordinary lodging unit get at any rate 20 hours each period of yard time, which is otherwise called open-airpark out. 

The Pelican Bay State Prison is presently home to more than 3,000 prisoners, and some of them are celebrated detainees. The prison is often alluded to as one of the most hazardous prisons to be in, in the media.

Inmate Search

Discovering detainees is more straightforward than any time in recent memory now with how cutting-edge innovation is. There are not any more perpetual calls, significant delay holds, and inadvertent separates. 

The Pelican Bay State Prison is under the California Branch of Rectifications. The California Division of Adjustments is liable for keeping and keeping a refreshed information base. 

If it’s not too much trouble, note that this information base is for the entirety of the prisons under the California Division of Rectifications. You won’t need merely detainees that are in Pelican Bay State Prison.


Detainees in the Pelican Bay State Prison can get composed correspondence with their loved ones. 

Nonetheless, detainees can’t get any consideration bundles from home. They will have the option to get from home is their parole apparel, and approved clinical hardware can get sent from home. The bundles should get set apart in that capacity, or they will get returned.


It is simpler than any time in recent memory to send cash to a prisoner in the Pelican Bay State Prison. Before you can send some money to a detainee, you should know their prisoner’s recognizable proof number. You can discover it in the prisoner information base on the California DOC official site on the off chance that you are uncertain of their detainee distinguishing proof number. 


Electronic Assets Move 

Mail to Prison 


The advantage lattice may permit telephone use for all SOP members. All detainees that are not SOP members may be allowed calls when family crises emerge. Family crises are characterized as genuine ailments or passing in the family. These circumstances should be affirmed by the Remedial Guide II or the office Capitan. 

Visiting Hours

Before visiting a detainee, you will need to acclimate yourself to the prison’s desires for guests. They give a handbook just to guests. It is shrewd to peruse it before your first visit. 

Guests ought to likewise check the VPASS site before the drive down the prison to guarantee that the prison is as yet tolerating guests. Visiting hours can change without notice.

Pelican Bay State Prison — General Information

Facility Name Pelican Bay State Prison
Facility Type State Prison
Address 5950 Lake Earl Drive, Crescent City, CA, 95531
Capacity 3000
Facility Type Adult
City Crescent City
Postal Code 95531
State California
County Del Norte County
Official Website

Visiting Hours

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


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