California State Prison Sacramento

California State Prison Sacramento Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: April 1, 2021
Location Prison Road, Represa, CA, 95671
Official Website

The California State Prison in Sacramento is a gathering community and a drawn-out prison for indicted detainees. The prisoners who are experiencing the admission cycle may be at the office for a short time. 

The California State Prison, Sacramento, is home to more than 4,000 detainees. These detainees range in level from least security to most extreme protection.

How to Find Someone in California State Prison, Sacramento

Discovering somebody in the California State Prison, Sacramento is genuinely simple at this point. With innovation progressing such a lot, you at this point don’t need to go through the day looking for the detainee. Presently you can sign on to your cell phone or your PC and rapidly complete the pursuit shortly. 

The California State Prison, Sacramento, is worked and overseen by the California Division of Amendments. The California Branch of Redresses is liable for staying up with the latest information base of all detainees as of now in their guardianship. 

The California State Prison, Sacramento, has its detainee finder accessible to the overall population. You can look through the information base by the accompanying data: 

Prisoner Number 

First, Middle, Last Name

Remember that the California Division of Redresses works and oversees numerous different prisons all through the state. This information base will have the entirety of the jails they work and watch in it. This information base isn’t only exclusively for the California State Prison, Sacramento.

Sending a Mail/Package 

Prisoners can’t get any packs from home. The solitary things that they can get from home are their parole dress and any affirmed clinical stuff. You should check the compartment thusly, or the case will be returned to the sender. 

Prisoners can get a thought group once a quarter. The thought group should be fulfilled and sent by an endorsed shipper. You can find the once-over of all affirmed shippers on California state official site. 

Prisoners can similarly get books, magazines, and papers. The books should be softcover. Hardcover books are not permitted. These things should be delivered off the prison directly from the wholesaler. 

Regardless, before you decide to send anything to a prisoner, you ought to comprehend what office they are abiding in. Each office has another road number.

Sending Money

Detainees in the California State Prison, Sacramento, will require cash for different things. They will need funds to purchase various items from the commissary. Detainees will likewise require some money to utilize the phones to call their friends and family. 

Phone calls

Prisoners at the California State Prison, Sacramento, can make phone choices to their friends and family. Prisoners can’t get brings in any circumstance. If there is an emergency in the nearby family, you may call the prison. Regardless, the prison should check the issue before allowing the prisoner to prisoner on an exceptional phone choice or leave them a message. 

Prisoners are permitted to 15-minute long calls. Prisoners can’t use call sending or three-way calling. In case these features are being utilized, the call will get separated. 

There are two unique ways prisoners can call you at the California State Prison, Sacramento. Prisoners can do collect calls. The beneficiary of the call will get obligated for the bill. The only disadvantage to this is that collect calls can’t happen on cell phones. The collector ought to have a landline.


Prisoners can get guests. In any case, you should call the California State Prison, Sacramento, for their prison hours for every unit. All meeting hours for departments will shift. 

The meeting hours for prisoners, as a rule, the populace is hung on Saturdays and Sundays between the long stretches of 8:30 am to 3 pm. These visits are contact visits. 

For non-contact visits, which means prisoners in the regulatory isolation and gathering focus detainees are by arrangement as it were. You can plan your appointment on the VPASS site. 

You will have the option to visit detainees at the California State Prison, Sacramento, on the special days above. Prisoners that have disciplinary activity against them won’t be allowed appearance. Remember that the prison can end visiting with no notification.

California State Prison Sacramento — General Information

Facility Name California State Prison Sacramento
Facility Type State Prison
Address Prison Road, Represa, CA, 95671
Capacity 3254
Facility Type Adult
City Represa
Postal Code 95671
State California
County Sacramento County
Official Website

Visiting Hours

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Refer the map below to find the driving directions.

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