Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center

Central Booking opened in 1995 as the single area where all arrestees in Baltimore are prepared.

Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center is liable for the intake and characterization strategy for most detainees in the state. Since this is an intake office, the detainee is generally just housed here for a brief timeframe and then moved to their more perpetual area after they get grouped. Prisoners who have gone into the Central Booking and Intake Center are deprived of their property and given detainee garments.

Searching for an Inmate

The Detainee Finder empowers individuals from the general population to gain proficiency with the lodging area of prisoners focused on the Official of Revision’s authority. And right now housed at Division of Amendment offices, Patuxent Organization and, for some short condemned wrongdoers, at Division of Pretrial and Confinement Administrations offices. The Finder, nonetheless, doesn’t give data on everybody in the guardianship of the Branch of Public Wellbeing and Restorative Administrations.

The Finder may not show some short condemned prisoners who, albeit focused on the Magistrate of Amendment, are housed at Division of Pretrial and Detainment Administrations offices. Furthermore, prisoners who are no longer in guardianship in any capacity whatsoever (for example, delivery or getaway) are not recorded by the Finder.

How to Pick Up Your Loved One’s Possessions?

Companions/family can get prisoners’ assets for as long as three days after starting booking at 301 East Anxious Road 24 hours every day, seven days per week. You will be needed to create photograph distinguishing proof. Following the three days, the things are moved to Prison Enterprises Expanding on Madison Road; it is open Monday-Friday 10 am-2 pm for the pickup of detainees’ assets; again, picture ID will get needed to get the things.

Who Does Baltimore Central Cooking and Intake Center House?

The Baltimore City Confinement Center yearly holds more prisoners, including youngsters dealing with grown-up indictments, than any neighborhood purview in Maryland. The center houses a novel secondary school in a correctional facility: the Excited Road Foundation. A complete cluster of emotional wellness, social, instructive, recreational, profound, and rehabilitative projects is accessible for the whole populace of the Baltimore City Detainment Center.

Programs and Services

The Pretrial Delivery Administrations Program serves customers in four territories: analytical, case the board, case redirection, and detainment. The program evaluates the criminal history and gives network management to respondents anticipating preliminary and dangerous bail audit orders.

A treatment program began in 2008 inside the detainment offices got public acknowledgment for being the leading state jail framework in the nation to be granted licenses for methadone use from the Substance Misuse and Psychological wellness Administrations Organization.

Significant brutality decrease endeavors all through DPSCS have brought about low events of genuine weapon attacks against staff in confinement offices in the City. The Division’s contraband crackdown has brought about captures of dangerous controlled substances, phones, and different things that regularly prompt viciousness among guilty parties.

Visitation Rules

Since this is an intake and booking center, detainees are just permitted visits from loved ones following 60 days of imprisonment. Visiting happens on Sundays from 9 am-3 pm. Lawyers can visit seven days every week, 24 hours per day, and don’t have to stand by 60 days.

All guests, to incorporate youngsters, must dress suitably for appearance. All attire must cover from the neck to the kneecaps.

The utilization of bathroom offices disallows during the appearance. On the off chance that either the detainee or a guest requires the bathroom’s utilization, the visit will get ended around then.

All guests are dependent upon canine (if accessible), electronic medication recognition gadget (if available), and visual pursuits before being permitted to visit a prisoner. If you can’t clear the metal identifier, you will get denied passage.
All guests 16 or more established must present an actual state that gave photograph distinguishing proof.

How to Talk to an Inmate?

To acknowledge calls from a prisoner at this office, we suggest you make an AdvancePay® prepaid phone account. Prepaid calling works by setting cash on your telephone number with the goal that when your detainee considers you, the assets get deducted from the equilibrium on your prepaid record. Itemized account arrangement guidelines are accessible here.

To set up or store a prepaid record, you have two choices:

Web – visit

Call- 1-800-483-8314