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Updated on: April 24, 2023
Department Name Arkansas Department of Corrections
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Location 6814 Princeton Pike Pine Bluff, AR 71602
Phone Number 870-267-6999

About Arkansas Department of Corrections

When it comes to the state-run facilities in Arkansas, their Department of Corrections team is the agency that oversees them. The Department of Corrections in Arkansas works around the clock to ensure that all of their facilities are operating at a level that surpasses its expectations and provides everyone safe.

In the Pine Bluff Complex, you will find their central office. This is where some of the higher-ups in the Department work out from. However, this does not mean you will find everyone working out of this office simultaneously either.

All male offenders on death row are housed in the Ouachita River Correctional Unit. The female offenders on death row are housed in the McPherson Unit. All executions are done in the Cummins Unit. Every offender, before execution, will be transferred to this unit for the preparation of the execution.

There are five facilities that a male inmate in the Arkansas Department of Corrections can be placed in. These facilities are known as the following:

While there is only one unit for the female inmates in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, all females are kept in the McPherson Unit. This is the same place that they also house all of the female death row inmates too.

How Do I locate an Arkansas Inmate? 

Nobody wants their loved one to become an Arkansas inmate. However, it can happen. But don't worry; we will help you find an Arkansas inmate, so nobody has to face this alone. 

The ADC (Arkansas Department of Corrections) has a website where you can search for information about an inmate. You can use this website to find out if an inmate got transferred or released, as well as other details about their sentence and current status. 

To find someone on this website, you will need: 

The ADC has an online database that allows you to search for inmates by name, date of birth, or inmate number. If you have any questions about locating an inmate in Arkansas, contact the ADC by phone or email and ask to speak with a staff member who can assist you. 

The ADC offers two ways to search for an inmate: 

Jail or Attorney  

When a person gets arrested and taken to jail, they hold him in the cell awaiting transportation to the county jail. The jail will notify family members or friends of the arrestee by phone or letter. If you want to find out if someone is under arrest in Arkansas, you can call the county's sheriff's office, where the arrestee was taken into custody. 

You must consult an attorney immediately after your arrest if you got charged with a crime. An attorney can help you understand what has happened and guide you through the process. When looking for an attorney, try contacting local bar associations or searching online for attorneys specializing in criminal law. 

Inmate Locator 

The ADC inmate locator site contains information about general information about each inmate, including: 

The Inmate Locator is a tool to help you find an inmate in Arkansas. You can search by name, age, race, sex, and more. 

To search for inmates in Arkansas: 

1. Go to the Inmate Locator page and click [Begin Search]. 

2. Enter the information you want to search for. For example, if you want to search for someone named John Smith, enter John Smith in the First Name field and Smith in the Last Name field. Then click [Search]. 

3. The results will display the matching inmates found in Arkansas' database of inmates. Click on the inmate's name to get more information about them, such as their current location or charges they're facing, along with their booking date and bond amount, if applicable (if you're paying for bail). 

Federal Inmate Locator 

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) maintains a searchable federal inmate locator on its website. This page provides information on an inmate's current location, charges and sentence, projected release date, and other information.  

The BOP also offers an inmate phone system that allows users to place collect calls to inmates in the federal prison system. 

Inmate Phone Listing 

The Department of Corrections also publishes an inmate phone listing that lists all prisoners by last name, first name, or ID number. This list includes contact information so you can locate an inmate by checking the phone listing. 

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