Arizona State Prison Complex Lewis – Sunrise Unit

Arizona State Prison Complex Lewis - Sunrise Unit Inmate Search and Prison Information

Updated on: March 24, 2021
Location 26700 South Highway 85, Buckeye, AZ, 85326
Official Website

Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis is a medium-security prison located in Buckeye, Arizona. It is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Entry (ADCRR ). Established in 1892, ASPC-Lewis holds up to 5,000 inmates in its eight units, named after ADC correctional officers that lost their lives in the line of duty. Further, the inmates serve in each unit as per their custody level (5-highest risk, 1-lowest risk).

The Sunrise Unit is a custody level 2 facility, holding low-risk inmates with pending minor charges or a prison escape history less than five years old. Hence, despite being low-risk detainees, they do not qualify to stay in unfenced (level 1) facilities. The Sunrise Unit runs various offender programs including, GED Preparation and Vocational Programs, Work Incentive Pay Plan (WIPP), Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous Group, and substance treatment and control programs.

Inmate Search

Do you suspect that your friend or family member is at the ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit? Then, confirm their whereabouts by conducting an inmate search at the ADCRR official website. Here, you will find an online inmate database detailing the inmate’s arrest, booking, and custody details. Use the offender’s full names and ID to search. Better still, call the Sunrise Unit at  623-386-6160 and confirm. If you have the booking number or case details, it will help you locate the inmate much faster.

Sending a Mail Package/ Sending Email

Inmates at the ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit can send and receive email and postal mail correspondence to anyone on their approved list. Sign up and create an email account with Corrlinks. Add the inmate to your recipient list and quote their identification code to activate your account. Then, deposit funds via Mastercard or VISA credit card to cater for the email sending charges.

Address your U.S. Postal Service mail as follows: –


Sunrise Unit,

Inmate Name and ADC#,

P.O. Box 3700,

Buckeye, AZ 85326

All mail and packages are opened and inspected upon arrival. Avoid any padded envelopes, multi-layers, or using bubble-wraps for your packages; otherwise, the post shall be returned or destroyed on arrival. Then, contact the prison at 602-542-5497 for a full list of the contraband mail items.

Sending Money

Inmates at the ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit can receive money into their commissary account to pay for personal items at the prison canteen. Here, anyone can deposit funds to the inmate’s account via check, money order, or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The detention center contracts JPay, GTL/Connectnetwork, and Keefe to provide the inmate money transfer services. Quote the inmate’s full names and ID on the deposit slip. Checks take at least 30 days to clear and reflect into the inmate’s account. And EFT is effective within 72 hours.

Commissary Items

Commissary items at the ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit include hygiene products, books, snacks, and electronics on sale to inmates at the prison canteen.  Here, an inmate uses funds from their commissary accounts to pay for these items. The prison has a maximum limit on how much each inmate can spend at a time. Still, access to the commissary items is a privilege that can seize at any time.

Phone Calls

Inmate family members or friends can receive phone calls from an inmate at the ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit. Here, up to 10 persons can apply to be on the approved members’ list. Then, they will be able to receive collect calls or prepaid calls from the inmates. The communication is courtesy of GTL/Connectnetwork, a third-party telephone service provider. GTL charges the recipient the full cost of the service. Further, this recipient shall not transfer the call to another number or allowing another person to talk to the inmate.

Visitation (Visitation Rules & Visitation Frequency)

You may visit an inmate serving their sentence at ASPC-Lewis Sunrise Unit by making prior arrangements for the scheduled visit. That is, make an online visitation application or call the prison facility at (634) 386-6160 ext 4724 or 4720 to check the next visiting date and whether the inmate can receive visitors. Adult visitors pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of $25 for a background check. Visitor applications are processed within 60 days.  These are two hours long contact and non-contact visits depending on the inmate’s current custody status. They are on weekdays (any specified time up to 4 hours) and weekends between 8 am and 12 pm and 12 pm and 4 pm. Also, inmates have 30 minutes of block video visits every day.

Arizona State Prison Complex Lewis - Sunrise Unit — General Information

Facility Name Arizona State Prison Complex Lewis - Sunrise Unit
Facility Type State Prison
Address 26700 South Highway 85, Buckeye, AZ, 85326
Facility Type Adult
City Buckeye
Postal Code 85326
State Arizona
County Maricopa County
Official Website

Visiting Hours

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


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