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The Hampden County Sheriff’s Area of expertise oversees around 1,300 individuals in different degrees of security, including common duties, across five offices in Western Massachusetts. Sheriff Scratch Cocchi, chose for the workplace of sheriff in 2016, is leading a few activities including tending to the narcotic emergency and working all the more intimately with nearby and government law authorization to upgrade open security in the more noteworthy Springfield region.

As the job of the Sheriff’s office has advanced from care while in authority, to avoidance before imprisonment, Sheriff Cocchi has kept on pushing effort endeavors to draw in the network in an assortment of ways.

The office has gained notoriety for its development in office and network programs. The Hampden County Correctional Center is viewed as a model of protected, secure, methodical, legal, compassionate, and profitable revisions, where prisoners are tested to get the devices and headings to construct a well behaved life in an environment liberated from brutality.

In Massachusetts, county correctional offices imprison both pre-preliminary prisoners and condemned people with sentences of more than two years or less.

The Hampden County Sheriff’s Specialization regulates a few correctional offices and projects, including:

  • Hampden County Correctional Center (Primary Establishment)
  • Western Massachusetts Local Ladies’ Correctional Center
  • Stonybrook Adjustment and Treatment Centers
  • Western Massachusetts Recuperation and Wellbeing Center
  • Pre-Discharge Center (PRC)
  • Comprehensive Help Administrations

Hampden County Correctional Center

The Hampden County Correctional Center, otherwise called the “Fundamental Foundation”, is situated in Ludlow, Massachusetts. A normal tally is 900 male prisoners. Hampden County Correctional Center is operated by Massachusetts Department of Correction.

It is contained seven structures, three of which are lodging towers for pretrial prisoners and condemned detainees. The office is separated into 24 living units under a Unit The board/Direct Oversight method of activity.

Condemned prisoners are relied upon to keep up a 40-hour work week of cooperation in profitable exercises inside the office that incorporate both activity assignments and projects. All condemned detainees experience an Essential Prisoners’ Escalated Routine and proceed with programs that address their necessities identifying with substance misuse, training, work, outrage the board, casualty mindfulness, and so forth.

The Sheriff’s way of thinking is that reemergence into the network starts on the very beginning of detainment, and the expectation of the medium-security office is to start a continuum of come back to the network as reputable, beneficial residents.


As of Monday, walk 16, 2020, all prisoner visits will delay for the following 60 days or until the COVID-19 danger passes. To keep up outside correspondence and association with loved ones, Sheriff Cocchi has approved 2 hours of free calls every week for our guilty party populace. Our detainees will likewise get three free envelopes for each week to send letters to their friends and family. Furthermore, Sheriff Cocchi has guided staff to think of a procedure to build up video visiting. We are dealing with setting up the innovation and foundation now with the expectations of turning it out as quickly as time permits.

Give Money

While access to machines at the Fundamental Establishment in Ludlow and the Ladies’ Local Correctional Center in Chicopee is did not allow anymore, individuals CAN make stores into prisoner accounts at the Western Mass. Recuperation and Health Center at 155 Plant Road in Springfield. Stores can likewise be made by means of a bilingual phone hotline (1-866-345-1884), online at www.accesscorrections.com or through the Entrance Revisions application, which is accessible on Apple and Android gadgets. More data on that here.

About the Department

The Hampden County Sheriff’s Specialization is an innovator in the developing worldview of rectifications and change. Under the authority of Sheriff Scratch Cocchi, we give a continuum of care intended to engage wrongdoers to recover their freedom through educated and mindful decisions and advance fruitful reemergence into the network as reputable socially and communally dependable residents.

The Division upgrades open wellbeing through the adjustments procedure by giving guilty parties appropriate characterization, security, treatment, and projects to achieve positive way of life changes and limit or potentially destroy negative social attributes and criminogenic practices.

The Division is focused on network-based projects by means of the wellbeing of psyche, body, and soul of those in our trust and is committed to consistently do our duties with proficient greatness and the best expectations of respectability.

The security of the general population is at the center of everything we do.

COVID-19 Update Procedures

As the danger of COVID-19 Coronavirus develops and develops, the Hampden County Sheriff’s Area of expertise is finding a way to ensure the staff, the wrongdoers in its consideration, and the overall population on the loose. All volunteers, assistants, and program sellers will cease their administrations inside our offices until further notification. Volunteers, assistants, and sellers should check the site and speak with their division contacts for refreshes.

The Division is in steady contact with the Massachusetts Crisis The executive’s Office, the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Affiliation, and the Branch of General Wellbeing to guarantee we are up on the most recent proposals originating from the Centers for Infection Control and the World Wellbeing Association.

In accordance with activities declared by Senator Charlie Bread cook, Sheriff Scratch Cocchi has pardoned all unimportant staff from answering to work to decrease the odds of bringing disease into our offices.

“These are remarkable occasions and to adjust, and best secure our staff, the wrongdoers in our consideration and the overall population, we are taking uncommon estimates that sway for all intents and purposes each part of our tasks,” said Sheriff Scratch Cocchi. “None of these choices were made softly and we will constantly be assessing our choices over the coming a long time to guarantee that these progressions stay vital and are the most ideal approach to guarantee the wellbeing and security of each staff part and individual in our consideration.”

Massachusetts inhabitants and specialists on call can discover an assortment of statewide assets identified with the COVID-19 Pandemic on Frontlinema.org, a site propelled by Massachusetts Lawyer General Maura Healey.

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